Sinistry provides conversation starters that allow our customers to express themselves through bold fashion and home decor.


A real conversation starter; Sinistry’s perfected color-shifting necklaces are sure to stop people in their tracks. I offer multiple shapes and sizes to suit a variety of personal fashion tastes. The prismatic series includes a variety of base colors that change before your eyes as you move. All prismatic pendants come on a 14″ black leather choker style cord.

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Handmade colour-shifting teardrop shaped rings with an adjustable band. Each ring is embellished and hand-painted in layers to give a 3 dimensional effect. These stunning rings reflect different colours as you move your hands and are sure to be a real conversation starter.

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Purple Ring Sinistry
Orange Ring Sinistry
Green Ring Sinistry
Blue Ring Sinistry
Pinkish Ring Sinistry

“A lovely piece- unique and colorful!”

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“I absolutely love it thank you so much!”